The 2013 edition of the annual meeting of the Italian Group of Photochemistry (Italian section of the European Photochemistry Association) was organized by Prof. Maurizio D'Auria of the University of Basilicata and was held in Potenza (Rifreddo) from 28th November to 1st December 2013.

As a tradition of the annual conferences of the Italian Group of Photochemistry, the session related to oral communications and poster sessions were specifically devoted to presentations by young researchers. Ambra Guarnaccio, CLaN project grant holder, on this occasion provided a contribution with an oral communication entitled: "Donor-acceptor oligothiophene-fullerenes triad: synthesis and preliminary photophysical characterization" which received an award from the Scientific Committee as one of the top three oral communications given by young researchers taking part to the Italian Photochemistry Meeting 2013.


Ambra Guarnaccio: Ph.D. student and research fellow of CLaN Project.

As part of CLaN Project (co-financed by the Operational Programme ERDF Basilicata 2007-2013) it was developed the following PhD project for the Doctoral School in “Chemical Sciences” at the University of Basilicata whose scientific work outputs have been reported in the following abstract .

24th October 2013, the Basilicata Section of the Italian Chemical Society organized a Congress to celebrate the "25 years of Chemistry in Basilicata". Academic staff, such as professors, researchers and students, celebrated this special day by an intensive and fruitful workshop.
The event took place at the Science Department of the University of Basilicata on 24
th October 2013.

During the day the participants had the chance of talking and present their scientific and teaching activities. The CLaN project, co-financed by Operational Programme ERDF Basilicata 2007-2013 and coordinated by CNR-IMIP UOS-Potenza, gave its contribute to the event showing the scientific work performed within the poster section of young researchers.


The workshop "materials and new technologies" was organized at the University of Basilicata after one year from the beginning of the CLaN project. The workshop represented an important opportunity to discuss on very actual issues, representing the scientific activities carried out in Basilicata and at the international cooperation level too. International partners involved in the CLaN project, Dr P. A. Loukakos of the IELS-FORTH Institute of Heraklion (Greece) and Dr A. Szegedi of the Department of Catalysis and Environmental Chemistry of the Budapest University (Hungary) have presented their activities and cooperation research addressed within the CLaN project framework.


The 12th edition of international Conference on Laser Ablation brought together about three hundred scientists from all over the world, active in a wide range of research area, from basic science to applications and technology of laser matter interaction. The conference was focused on a variety of arguments that demonstrated the laser ablation versatility in order to obtain and characterize innovative and nanostructurated materials.

In this context the scientific results of the CLaN project have found excellent overlaps and comparisons and fruitful discussions with the scientific community working in this context have been developed.