The project addresses mainly to the Asse II (knowledge society) objectives of the Operational Programme ERDF Basilicata 2007-2013 and more specifically to the operational objectives II.1 (II.1.1 and II.1.2) and II.2 (II.2.2), because it aims to:

  1. increase the interest of the regional SMEs towards investing in research and development in the sector of application of laser methodologies for production and characterisation of innovative nanomaterials;

  2. build a synergic system of research, innovation, formation, and strengthen territorial structures and competences to favour a subsequent technological transfer of the developed experimental methodologies to the productive system;

  3. strengthen cooperation between local, interregional and international research bodies for developing, by laser utilisation, metal and no-metal nanomaterials, composites and their applications;

  4. support and direct the specific demand originating from the productive sector for industrial research and development on nanomaterials.