In agreement with the VII FP of the EC (FP7 2007 – 2013) and the research and technological development priorities of the Basilicata Region, the project objectives concern strengthening of experimental research through definition and diffusion of laser integrated innovative technologies for the production of nanomaterials and virtual remote access to scientific equipments present on the Basilicata Region territory. The project belongs to the frame of the Asse II (knowledge society) of the Operational Programme ERDF Basilicata 2007-2013 and it is mainly addressed to the specific objective II.1 (II.1.1 and II.1.2)



  • strengthening the international co-operation network for improving the competences and competitiveness of local research in strategic sectors for the regional industrial R&D;

  • promotion of a knowledge economy, in the local productive system, centred on innovation and transfer of laser techniques and methodologies for the production and characterisation of new materials.

Furthermore, it is envisaged to obtain the specific objective of the diffusion of advanced ICT services (II.2 - II.2.2) by promoting an e-learning, e-participation and virtual remote utilisation example for scientific apparatuses of CNR-IMIP Potenza U.O.S. (RemoteLAB). The project aims to valorise the young local excellences involved by favouring their participation to an international research activity in a sector of a high relevance both at national and European level, and to promote the creation of new technological integrated structures for a higher qualification of the operative methodologies adopted and the results obtained, in the regional and extra-regional productive systems.